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I received this mail. It is very unfortunate, as you know it was I and Brian Smith, who founded the WPF in 1999 with legal federation status. The original WPF, as I legally founded and properly registered, is registered accordingly with the proper authorities. There is no argument around this. It is amusing, that other persons have not founded any platform of their own. They have pirated the name of the federation I founded and also the logo, which was a gift to me from Ward Ralston, my nephew and Microsoft manager in Seattle. To suggest Gerhard Holleitner is withholding funds in no way states the truth. All procedures are well documented and Gerhard is acting in total correct procedure. Any claims against this are simply untrue.
It is your right to proceed with a sport platform. No-one questions this. But please, if only out of friendship and respect, do not pirate a platform I founded and built before I left the sport.
Carl Smith - founder of the WPF 1999


05.11.2015 - 08.11.2015  in Austria

WPF WM 2013 Coburg Resultate

WPF WM 2013 Resultate Coburg
PDF-Dokument [87.2 KB]
WPF WM 2013 Resultate Coburg
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WPF WM 2013 Resultate Coburg
PDF-Dokument [77.2 KB]
WPF WM 2013 Resultate Coburg
PDF-Dokument [77.4 KB]
WPF WM 2013 Resultate Coburg
PDF-Dokument [78.6 KB]
WPF WM 2013 Resultate
PDF-Dokument [76.6 KB]
WPF WM 2013 Reultate Coburg
PDF-Dokument [76.9 KB]
WPF in Österreich gemeldet
WPF Bestätigung 2013.pdf
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WPF WM 2013
Ausschreibung WM 2013.doc
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Vorstand WPF
VORSTAND WPF 10 July 2013.docx
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World Powerlifting Ferderation

Powerlifting, Benchpress, Deadlift, & RAW


WPF Weltmeisterschaft 1-3 November 2013 in Coburg weitere infos folgen in Kürze

Dear members,
I have spoken with Gerhard Holleitner concerning
the use of knee wraps for the raw division.
The meeting, where the decision was taken regarding
their use, was declared invalid.
Therefore, decisions made at that meeting
cannot be in effect for this years world
The old rule must apply for the championships in
November in Germany.
Some members will be pleased and some not
We ask you to understand, as the WPF must again be
run properly.
The item of knee wraps will be placed on the agenda
for the 2013 Annual General Meeting, where it will be voted upon
I have received info, the Championships will be
held in Germany on the first weekend of November - Friday - Sunday, November
You will be notified of the city in the next couple
days, as I wrote in my last mail.
Thank you very much for your mails of support. I
appreciate them.
It is not my ambition to "run" the WPF. I will
overlook it and see that the decisions and affairs YOU make are done
The legal structures have been put back into place.
This will provide the proper platform for your athletes and recognition of their
best wishes !
Carl Smith
WPF President